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Turners Vending provides FREE beverage vending machines to companies with A small amount of employees or a high amount of customer traffic. just give us a call for a spicific amout of employees or customer that we requier.Hotels/Motels generally need at least 20 rooms to support a soda machine and apartment buildings generally need 100 plus apartments at the facility. We install the vending machines, keep them stocked and handle any service issues.

We can provide your business with Sodas, Energy Drinks, Water, Snacks, candy etc. (including healthy snacks) Vending Machines...

We are also happy to offer snack vending machines to hotels…very large apartment communities…and workplaces with at small amount of employees.

  • We have the snack vending machine installed for you
  • We keep the snack machine fully stocked with products you want
  • We take care of all service and maintenance issues
  • You benefit by having a free and convenient snack vending machine for yourself, your employees and your customers!


Setup is Quick, simple, and Free.

Answers to most questions can be found in our FAQ section. If you need more information use our online form to send us questions or coll us at 352-454-0244. We look forward to serving you!