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About us

We have been in the vending business since 2007 and through out The years we have discovered that nothing replaces great service. With that been said, Allowing us to provide your business and customers with quality service is in no way or manner any liability to you or your company. We carry a fear amount of liability insurance coverage on all location and our auto as well. 


It is our goal to provide each client with a personal touch. Our principle objectives are:
  1. To provide functionally sound, state of the art vending equipment.
  2. To provide top quality, "name brand" products at reasonable prices.
  3. To provide well trained, dedicated service personnel.
  4. To offer innovative service programs and promotions.
  5. To provide exceptional service and request response.
  6. To offer healthier alternatives to your employees.
  7. To make your vending services a convenience not a hassle.

We provide  preventative maintenance on all vending equipment. This is essential in providing a consistent product and reliable operation of our equipment. 

All our service personnel  guarantee a quick response to all service calls, always 
within 24 hours but usually the same day.  

The equipment we propose to install in your facility will be new or in like-new condition representing the most advanced technology in the industry including IVend machines


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