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                            Turner's Vending Services

                         Policy and terms of services

Section#1: Turner's Vending services is not responsible for any burglary or damage(s) done to your location and or property by any burglar or personnel.

Section#2: Vending machine vandalism can happen and is usually a temporary situation,Turner's Vending services reserves the right to remove all vending machines from location befor the contract is up if vandalism cantinues to be an issue.

Section#3: Customers that choose free vending services is NOT responsible for any repairs, services or mantainence required for the vending machine(s) at their location. Nor can they be held liable to give any refund(s) to any customer who purchases from the vending machines at their location.

Section#4: Turner's Vending services is required to provide good, working vending machines, quality goods and services for your location at no cost to you the second party.

Section#5: Turner's Vending services is not required to pay any fees or rent to any member of the second party unless the second party is qualified for the section of option three listed on the vinding service options sheet and agrees to fully comply with Turner's Vending services agreement.    

Section#6: Turner's Vending services is responsible to keep the vending machines stocked with fresh, up to date snacks and beverages. We also will replace products upon request by customers.

Section#7:  Managers must submit a written notice two month befor the contract end date . It must state that they would not be needing Turner's Vending services to provide them with quality vending service anymore. The notice must be signed by a qualified member of the second party. 

Section#8: If the managers or the qualified member(s) of the second party do not give us a written notice within two month of the contract end date, the current contract will be automatically renewed for an additional year or till we recieve a written notice to terminate service.

Section#9:Managers or any legal member(s) of the second party can not request the removal of the vending machine(s) before the end of the contract unless the location is closed down for more than 12 months, or if they are moving outside of the four Central Florida Counties that we service.However if the customer chose to have their service terminated befor the contract end date. they will be requiare to pay $1500.00 or ten percent of the location sale total for the year which ever is greater and a $500.00 removal fee.

Section#10:Managers or the the legal member of the second party can request a change of location if the contract is active and they are moving within the four Central Florida Counties we service. All contract expires at the end of 12 months from the day of signing. Cancellation of service(s) before the end of all contract(s) will result in a repayment of all estimated lost of sales and products for the term of the contract.

Section#11:Mangers or a qualified member of the second party can request what they want in their machines. If they meet a required amount of volume. We must follow these procedures in order to provide you and your customers with quality snacks and service.

Section#12:Manager or a qualified member of the second party must contact our office to see if their location is qualified to have thier own snack selection. 

Section#13:Turners Vending services  will charge an operational cost of $1500 or ten pecent, whichever is greater of the overhead cost for your location. If the vending machines can not be place on your location within three month of the contract sign on date, due to faults of the manager or any legal member of the second party. 

Section#14:No member of the second party can sue Turner's Vending for any vandalism or negligent. 

Section#15:There will be a $1500.00 penalty against anyone found to be impersonating a manager or the legal representative of the second party.

Section#16: The customer is not autorized to move the vending machine at any time except there be a fire or nnatural desaster, If the customer take it up on their selfs to move the vending machines and in doing so damage the machines. the customer will be fully responsable to replace or repair the vending machines. 

Section#17:Turners Vending services will charge an operational cost of $1500 or ten pecent whichever is greater of the overhead cost for your location if you request your vending machines to be remove before the end of your contract.

Section#18:The terms of the contract will still be active even if the location is sold to another owner within the term of the contract. The contract will not be active in this cases only if the property is close permanently or if you cancel the service at the appropriate time. 

Section#19:The vending machines must remain plugged in and powered up at all times throughout the term of the contract, Except there be fire or a natural disaster.Failure to do so will result in a repayment of all lost of sales throughout the time of the machines being unplugged.

                                                Thank you for choosing Turner's Vending LLC

    for your vending needs we look forward to provide you and company with quality servic.